The Inhumans!

by The Inhumans!

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This album is dedicated to Sally Christianson.


released December 1, 2016

Chris Remains - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joey Horrible - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Timmy Terrible - Bass Guitar
Spooky Stu - Drums

Recorded Feb. 27 - May 19, 2016 at the Swanky Manor by Nicholas R. Ischer.
Mixed and Mastered by Nicholas R. Ischer.
Produced by The Inhumans!.
All songs written by The Inhumans! except "Intermission."
Artwork by Chris Remains and Joey Horrible.
Gang Vocals by Chris Remains, Joey Horrible, Timmy Terrible, and Spooky Stu.
Screams on Death Curse by Jenni Ischer.
Sound clips from cool movie trailers and other public domain sources.



all rights reserved


The Inhumans! Galesburg, Illinois

Straight from the guts of the earth, The Inhumans! are a group of disgusting putrid mounds of flesh who just like playing sick riffs and screaming until their bones split.

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Track Name: Inhumans Attack!
bloodthirsty creatures from the darkest places
and inhuman beasts from your worst nightmares
you feel their eyes on you and your heart races
you scream for help, but nobody cares

now you're gonna cry, and you'll shake with fright
this is the night when inhumans attack whoa-oh
there's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide
you're gonna die when inhumans attack whoa-oh

thought you were safe in your little world
there are things that you cannot fathom
monsters long dormant and terrors of old
much worse than anything you could imagine
Track Name: Walking Dead
trapped here, alone in this room
i'll never live to see the rising sun (no!)
they're pounding on the door to get in
i know in time, they'll rip me limb from limb

whoa oh oh walking dead
whoa oh oh hungry again
whoa oh oh walking dead
whoa oh oh rip you limb from limb


and i escaped with just a scratch
but now i'm cursed to wander and feed (no!)
human flesh is my main delight
and now i'm coming to feast on you tonight

lock your doors and run and hide
there's no escaping from the dead
you're just a meal for them
they're coming to take your head
call your grandma on the phone
there's no use dying alone
we're gonna die alone
you're gonna die alone
Track Name: Abomination
step into my lab, walk on through the door
it's nice and clean, there's nothing to fear
you won't feel a thing
brains and guts and human spines
and piles of broken feet body parts in yellow jars
but you've got what i need

whoa-ay-oh won't you be my abomination
and i'll give you life
whoa-ay-oh won't you be my abomination
but first, you must die

ether in one hand, hacksaw behind my back
i knock you out, i go to work
taking what i lack
your lips your eyes your hands your smile
perfect for my bride, i take the best and i toss the rest
perfection is my prize
Track Name: Nightstalker
lurking in the shadows at 3 A.M.
you think you're alone but i'm watching you
studying every breath you take
you're asleep, but i'm wide awake

and i can't wait
can't wait to hear you scream
you can't escape
i got you here with me
and i can't wait
can't wait to hear you scream
you can't escape
escape this destiny
Track Name: Sour Ground
ancient legend speaks of the burial site
the place where the dead come back to life
but it's an empty promise
there's evil in this sour ground
and it might look like the person you love
but it's something more sinister, thirsting for blood
this abomination
should never have been done

sometimes dead is better
you only get one trip around
sometimes dead is better
there's evil in this sour ground

i tried to cheat death, even though it was wrong
i buried my son where he didn't belong
now i know there's only
one way i'll last through this night
this murdering psychopath who looks like my son
is out on the hunt to spill all my blood
now i have no choice
i've gotta end his wretched life
Track Name: Night of the Wolf
you've got a darker side, the one you try to hide
a terrible curse within, a secret deadly sin
when you feel that cold wind blow you fear for you very soul
when you see that full moon glow you start to lose control

(on the) night of the wolf
when this hunger, it drives you
the night of the wolf
you rip at human flesh
it's the night of the wolf
your soul has no rest
on this night of the wolf
when the beast is in control

the fangs you try to hide rip into the side
of your unsuspecting prey, and every night you beg
for this to be your last, this terrible curse would pass
but you see that full moon glow and you start to lose control

now you know that it's not right
but that blood moon burns tonight
and you hate what you've become
though this evil can't be undone
Track Name: From Beyond the Void
fire in the sky, death rays burning bright
we turn your world to ash, and you're running for your life
you're insignificant like tiny, crawling ants
we crush you under-foot, so bow down to the

creatures from beyond the void
you can't esacpe
extermination squads
hunting you
human race has met it's match
it's our time
creatures from beyond the void
are taking control

a hundred million years across the universe
conquering new worlds, now yours is the next
you thought you were alone, but now you know the truth
you're nothing next to us, so bow down to the
Track Name: The Thing
isolated, alone in this place
nowhere to run or hide
then we made a grisly find
locked within the ancient ice

don't be thinking you're safe
cuz this ain't no human face
it's the thing lurking within/beneath

whoa oh oh whoa oh whoa oh
imitating human kind
whoa oh oh whoa oh whoa oh
assimilates and steals your mind
it's the thing

paranoia is setting in
there's no telling who is who
the thing is lurking to make its move
we're not alone here in this room
Track Name: Hive Mind
creeping in the shadows, and hiding in the light
most will never see him, but all will feel the bite
seeking to subvert your will, and impose his own
he's a giant insect man, and you'll never be alone

when you're one of us
you'll feel no need to cry
when you're one of us
you'll never ask why
when you're one of us
your independence dies
when you're one of us
welcome to the hive

slaving in your cubicle, and fearing for your life
with nightmares of his mandibles, you see them day and night
how long do you think you'll last before you feel the sting
and then your office manager becomes your insect king
Track Name: Death Curse
in life you took everything from me
and now i'm taking from you
i'm coming back to claim my revenge
and you will never escape from this

death curse
i'm the ghost in your dreams
death curse
i cherish your screams
death curse
i give you no peace cuz this
death curse
is on you
Track Name: The Door
don't open up that door
cuz you don't know what's on the other side
and now you have been warned
that you might not like what you find

cuz the other side's the darker side
what lies beyond is doom
it could be homicide or suicide
but you decided to
open up that door
and there's no going back

what are you looking for?
are you hoping to find your answers here?
well, some truths are unkind
and you might not like what you find

don't open up that door